Covered Wagons

The covered wagon: Is there really anything else that can put into perspective how fortunate we are today in the area of transportation?  Our modern transportation includes things that seem right out of science fiction from the air to our four wheels on the roadway. My mother always had a fascination for wagons.  Everything from… Continue Reading

Ryegate, Montana

While on an investigation in a little speck of the map called Ryegate, Montana I happened down a long dusty road.  Usually these roads lead to nowhere right?  Not this “wrong” turn. I had been working all day with little to know activity on my case and to be honest I wasn’t in my normal… Continue Reading


Strange title I know.  Your probably even wondering why my picture I set as the feature image is…well…not so pretty?  This is a story I’ve held to myself for sometime.  I’m not exactly the fanciful guy that spouts off strange things.  Anyone that spends anytime far away from humans knows that sometimes weird, unexplainable stuff… Continue Reading

Our Nature

I’m feeling a bit burdened tonight. I woke up this morning and felt enlightened by a devotional I read and then continued that reading into Psalms.  I had this incredible nagging feeling to stop what I was doing and post this pic up with what I had read. Of course my busy body human nature… Continue Reading