Time Flies and a Happy Birthday!

I’m sitting here just a few hours from midnight reflecting on the past twelve years.  In the past twelve years and nine months a journey was taken, that spanned this documented time, but has felt like the blink of an eye.  It is pretty common to hear people say “you make me feel old” when they refer to their children’s age but truthfully it just is a lesson in the fact that we are on this earth for but a blink of an eye.

On May 8th, 2005, Alden Jeremy Atwell entered this world.  He was shortly followed, as in seven minutes later, by his brother Tristan James Atwell.  The scares that came immediately affected his mother and I for many years as being very premature their lives hung in the balance but by God’s shear grace their lives were spared.  This simple reflection gives me so much thanks and joy as I look at my sons and their health up to this day.

My sons were blessed with the gift of love and caring.  They never had to be taught to love or to care for others.  These two boys that once fit in the palm of my hand have the biggest, little hearts a father could ask for.  Their love and natural care for their mother brings me great joy.   This is the one trait a man can pass down to his sons that will affect every woman they come in contact with, including their future spouse.

I remember at their two year old birthday party laughing while they were crying after trying chocolate cake because they despised sweets.  Wow, have things changed with their “sweet tooth” now.  For years they didn’t like any artificial sugar and only wanted fruit!  Where did those days go!

I remember holding them why they got immunization shots and crying with them during their pain.  I remember being at a surgery with them and having so much fear for the process while trying to be strong for them.  I remember their accomplishments and issues in school.  I remember their trials with friends and dealing with peer pressure.

I’ve seen my sons physically grow…stinky shoes, athletes foot, and body odor galore. I look at the photos of them growing up and just think where did time?  How am I sitting here a couple hours from their birthday and they are suddenly twelve!

It goes fast.  As any parent can attest.  I am so proud of my sons.  Their big hearts.  Their manners.  Their brains.  Their interests.

Alden and Tristan I wish you the happiest day possible.  Keep looking up to our heavenly father for direction in your lives and be blessed my sons.

*A big thank you needs to go out to their mother, step dad, grandparents, and other family and friends who have helped in the last twelve years to influence my sons.  Most of all I thank my Lord and Savior for their health and many more birthdays to come. Cheers.


  1. Beautiful. I hope your two boys read this back in years to come and realise how blessed they are to have a father as proud as you. Happy birthday Alden and Tristan, may your futures be filled with amazing experiences and the love of good friends and family. xxx

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  2. Awesome testimony to their lives wonderfully put into words Jax. Again please keep writing and taking us on your Journey . Look for future adventures written by your godly hands .
    Ken Brewer

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