Mother’s Day 2017

I wasn’t going to write today but after putting up a post about my own mother on Facebook and seeing all my social media pals post up about their respective mothers, my brain started swimming.  The thoughts of what our mothers mean to us are definitely different from person to person but for the overwhelming majority of people our mothers mean a great deal to us.

For me, I have never been closer to my mother than I am now.  She is not just my mother but she is my spiritual warrior, friend, confidant, and coach.  There are many seasons in life, some your not so close to your mother, and others you are.  I think as you get older and hopefully wiser you can see all the deep meanings of your mother.  The bottom line is the connection is always deep with your mother.

So what is the difference between mothers day and fathers day?  I think its the name and a lot more.  We should celebrate “Dad” Day not father’s day.  Being a father, not to be vulgar, probably took around 15 minutes but being a mother was so much more.  As a new life you were formed inside your mother’s womb, close to her heart.  You knew her heart beat long before anything else.  The very existence of your flesh, other than being of God’s creation, comes fully back to receiving your mothers nutrients from inside her body.

There are great dads for sure and they should be celebrated but to me Mother’s Day means so much more.  Maybe that is just my situation in life that reflects that but I believe I’m very good at observation.  I believe in my theory.  I don’t enjoy all these “Hallmark Holidays” and the commercialism (i.e. pressure to make purchases or your a bad person) but I do think Mother’s Day is very significant because our mothers deserve to be revered.

On this Mother’s Day, I’d like to thank my mother for putting up with me, walking through the deep valleys of my life, praying for me, caring for me, and most of all introducing me to the Kingdom of Heaven.  I’ve heard it said recently, that we should not just seek the Kingdom of Heaven as a future thing but to live the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.  My mother has been my prime example of this to me.

I’d also like to acknowledge the other great mothers in my life.  You are all leading great examples to your children and the world.  Your gift to your children of love, discipline, and caring will resonate for decades.  Cheers to all of you.


  1. Wow, honey. I feel very honored. There are no words except thank you so much for honoring me in such a sweet and open way. My dear firstborn son. I love you so much. Mom

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  2. Beautifully written and very thought provoking. I’ll make that long trip to see my mum and take flowers to her grave. You have a wonderful way of viewing the world. c


  3. Jax,
    Such a beautiful and honest post! You truly wrote this from the heart and it is very evident in this piece. Thank you for sharing it and keep up the great writing!


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