Exploring on the Clock!

Sometimes I am very fortunate to get to be “on the clock” in very cool places.  Recently working an infidelity case in Phoenix led me to follow my target to the Omni Resort in Scottsdale.  This is a beautiful resort and very much of a hidden gem in the desert.

This resort is not very visible and to be honest I’ve probably driven by it a 100 times.  From Lincoln Road in Paradise Valley, Arizona you approach this resort with tall walls through a small driveway.  The set up is very much like a Mexican estate compound.  The Omni layout reminded me of a resort I went to in Baja, Mexico years ago.


Fortunately, I normally keep several different types of wardrobe changes in my vehicle when I’m working.  What I didn’t know was I was going to be following my target into a business attire event…meaning all the men were in black sports coats and slacks and the women in their nicest business dresses and heels. What do you do in these situation?  You act like you belong and start making friends!  Yes, sometimes I’m a professional party crasher!

The resort is a lovely place and boast an amazing view of a desert oasis for sure.  The architecture, pool, restaurant, meeting areas, exterior and interior lounges, and very Spanish style surroundings were all an amazing atmosphere to be paid to work in.  I’d suggest this resort to anyone looking for such accommodations in Arizona!  Summer rates are almost here!

Oh, and yes I did catch my guy!




  1. Trying to convince my wife that Arizona makes for a nice area to retire. I know that the Phoenix area can get pretty brutal during the summer months, but I figure air conditioned indoor socializing reduces the challenges the heat produces.
    Congratulations on “getting your man” in this case. Looks like you’ve had quite a variety of career moves as well as locations.


    1. The summers are tough! If y0u look into areas like Flagstaff, Payson, Show Low you will find very wooded awesome areas in Northern Arizona. If I was going to retire in AZ those would be my choices. All close enough to Phoenix to enjoy big city life but live peaceful and cooler!

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