Wallace, Idaho

There are many unique treasures in the byways of rural America.  In order to discover these places you must get off the highway and experience the small nook and crannies the world has to provide.  I love hearing people’s stories and discovering things the world has left behind.  One place that I just absolutely love is Wallace, Idaho.

I discovered Wallace years ago just exploring the northern parts of Idaho.  You can find Wallace if your leaving Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and head towards Missoula, Montana. Wallace it an awesome little mining town.  The mining signature on this area is very prevalent.  Amongst all the mining past is the down town area that is remarkably preserved.  Thanks to tourism the little restaurants and bars seem to be thriving.  You can find out awesome stories from bartenders and patrons alike.

Another unique part of Wallace is the deep history of the bordello.  There is actually a very cool bordello museum there also.  At the height of the mining in the area was also the height of the red light girls.  There is many fascinating stories left behind from these ladies of the night and miners in the area.  I found this little antique sign at a local bar.  Ironically, the police took the day off from enforcing laws!  I guess many of the ladies attended this function.  These balls were quite the happing thing for the town!


One of my many favorite things is to visit here is the North Idaho Trading at the south eastern part of the downtown.  I preferred when the place was much more unkept and you had to scavenge for treasures but now the place is very well set up.  It is easy to walk through and find all sorts of items in cases and hanging on the walls.  This last time I was there I came across something I just had have!  I now have proof of the Jackalope! Oh, the stories this guy will tell!

I made it to the downtown area just as an awesome car show was getting completed.  I saw one of my very favorite old hot rods.  A Roadrunner with an immaculate paint job!  I bet this car has some stories to tell!


Lastly, when finding a place like Wallace please do not remiss the beautiful surroundings that you are in!  The main picture is one of my favorite pics I have taken in a long time!  If you don’t look too closely you might image this beautiful horse to be a unicorn!

Explore God’s creation, explore our history, don’t let time wash out the past!  Become part of it and pass it on!


  1. Another jax awesome offering . He takes such detail in describing the ventures he is in . Love reading them can’t wait for more

    Ken brewer


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