Honoring a True Dad

I hate the term Father’s Day.  My own Father is just that, some cheap title we’ve thrown on a Hallmark Card. He’s man who left my siblings and I will a huge missing piece (large gaping hole) in our lives.  Men like my father don’t deserve to have a day to be honored.  The difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is night and day.  A mother has the benefit of a little heart beating within her and the bond needs no explanation from there.  A father, by our American definition, could have been involved for fifteen minutes or less.

Today, I want to honor a man I have so much respect for.  A man who exonerates why I believe the term Father’s Day needs to be banished.  A day we celebrate the men in this cruel world that take on loving their children, blood or not.  This man has had my respect for many years.  For many years I’ve watched him grow as a man and a dad.  In many ways he has surpassed me long ago.  This man is the reason  why you don’t need to be a “Father” but you need to be a “Dad”.

So on this day, a day I normally have much pain for the own hole in my heart and the heart of my siblings, I’d like to choose to point out this man.  This man represents many men I’m sure but for me when I think of a dad, I now think of him.

So, Caleb Ayers, dad/step dad to my sons, I’d like to give you mad respect and honor for the role you have in your son and my twin sons lives.  I could not have even fathomed how your impact in their life and your household could be such a big part of my own.  As many people know, our world usually brings many issues with broken homes and most people choose to not try to work together for the good of the children involved.  I have never once had to deal with that, in fact any issue might have been my own.

I respect the man you are, that parent you are in your household, and the values and protection you afford my sons when they are not with me.  My sons will be better men because of your influence and your position in their life.  The role you play in these boys life is worthy of honor on this wrongfully termed holiday.

On this Father’s Day, I’d like to publicly thank you and show my readers an example of what should be honored on this holiday.  My friend, I hope you are pampered and revered on this day as you so well deserve.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Beautiful tribute to a man you can refer to as “dad.” As unfortunate as you may have been with your own biological father, there are some that have NO ONE to call dad or look up to as esteemed figures that positively impacted their lives.

    It is wise to FIRST think of Cayleb Ayers instead of a man that clearly harmed you and your siblings.

    I also hope you enjoyed your own father’s day. I’m sure you are viewed from your own children’s perspective as a role model to live up to.

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