Passing along Wisdom

Sometimes you read or hear something that just really hits you.  I’ve been meaning to pass along a post a friend made on Facebook sometime ago.  This post hit me as so raw and simple, yet so loving and caring.  It is one part stern fatherly advise and other part sound direction for leading a fulfilled life.

Lets face it folks, no matter how hard of a worker or diligent person we all would gladly take the easy road.  In our “google” everything world we all expect an easy answer.  In our “magic” pill syndrome world we all desperately  cry out for miracles to be made but as a whole put very little effort into our own success.

As I’ve studied successful people you will notice many common traits but is any more basic and raw then “they did it by themselves”?  Every person who expects success in their lives has dug down very deep and opened their own door.  You can’t sit around waiting for an inheritance or to win the lottery.  You have to work for a “good life”.

That leads me to the next thing.  What is a good life? What is success? I think the world has it all wrong…shoot I had it wrong up until recently.  Success isn’t winning, isn’t riches, isn’t fast cars and pretty girls, success is measured purely by yourself.  Your self-worth is the measuring stick.  In this simple fact you can see why the janitor can live a more satisfied life then a Wall Street broker.   The scenario again can be flipped and a successful businessman can be attaining a plethora of self-satisfaction while someone with no money wallows in despair.

All I’m saying is that life is tough.  Life is work.  To be successful at life you have to find a balance in striving for what you don’t have and being satisfied with what you do have…if that makes sense.  The balance can be struck for sure…it just takes a lot of work.

I wanted to share this post my friend made.  He’s very successful in all his facets in life but like he will tell you “It has taken work” and continues to take work.  When someone has success they are immediately dealt the task of being idolized and scrutinized.  In this post my friend really out lines some realities based on things he’s constantly gouged by his day-to-day friends, seekers of his life, and wasters of his time.  Folks, there is no magic pill, a quality successful life can be obtained but you must work for it on your own!

So with much respect, I give you a post from Matthew Gale.  I hope it sparks your thought process as it did mine.  Enjoy:

Ok, so I gotta get something off my chest as it’s become a bit overwhelming and has/is cost me too much time. I have a beautiful life and a beautiful family. I’ve accomplished all the goals I wrote down 30 years ago (set my sights too low.). I’ve busted my ass for 40 straight years to “be better” (I started young). I know a few things…I’m good at a few things. I also have a natural proclivity to help people – it’s proven as of late to be a detriment to mine and my family’s life. They say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and there’s nothing worse than someone you’ve gone out of your way to help, invested time in etc. coming back to blame you for their lack of accomplishment or “hating” on you because they don’t have what you have. It’s put me in quite a bad mood as of late, and I’m sorry if you’ve been on the receiving end of it. I get on order of 50 private messages a month asking for guidance on many things. I’ve always done my best to be helpful, but hell, I’m getting old and time is my most precious commodity. So here are the rules:

1. Marriage/Relationship Advice: Figure it out. I ain’t Dr. Phil. I’ve been married 30 years and it’s been good, but a hell of a lotta work. Read some books. Don’t get your relationship advice from memes. That’s all I got. I’ve spent far to many hours in the past 20 years trying to “help” people on this one.

2. Divorce/Custody: If we liked you as a couple, we like you as single. We don’t take sides. No we won’t write an affidavit for you. Do what’s right for your kids. Don’t ask.

3. Business “Opportunity”: Ok, so this is the big one. PLEASE don’t come at me with ANY business opportunity unless you can explain the concepts of “Barrier to Entry”, “Total Addressable Market” and “Return On Investment” and how they relate to your business. Whatever you do, don’t come to me with the next hottest clothing line, the biggest album to drop in 2017 or a supplement line. If you want help in your business (software and marketing is my strength) then I want 10% and my market rate of $500/hr for consulting. I can’t help anyone on this stuff anymore.

4. Financial: I ain’t a bank. I don’t lend money. If I feel compelled that there is an honest need, I will GIVE someone money. Don’t ask me for it.

5. Religious/Faith: I make no secret of the fact that I’m a follower of Christ…albeit an imperfect one. If you’re looking to me as some “standard” look elsewhere as I’ll disappoint you. If you’re having a “crisis of faith” don’t ask me questions until you’ve read the entire Bible front to back and have taken notes. If you’re an Atheist or an apologist for another faith – I don’t want to debate you. I’m very good at it and wasted too much of my life doing it. I love you for who you are. I’ve answered the questions for myself. I’m not going to spend time trying to convince you.

6. Home Repair: I’m a white-collar guy who spends my days dealing with concepts and strategies. To offset that, I LOVE to do physical work – as in rebuilding cars, doing home repairs etc. I don’t have the time to “come and look at your water heater”.

7. Fitness/Diet: Google it. Seriously. If you want a diet/fitness plan from me it’s $250.

So that’s the big list. Know that whatever the circumstance we love you. Life is short and I can’t spend as much time as I have in the past anymore. Blessings.

***Once again I’d like to thank Matthew Gale for allowing me to pass on his post/thoughts here in my blog.


  1. Agreed bro. Iv always worked for what I have, and what I have I’m more than greatful for. It’s hard sometimes, and I do wish to one day win the lottery lol, but money is no driving force behind who i am, there is so much more to this life than people realise.


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