Hoover Dam

Well I was going through old photos from earlier in the summer and forgot about my trip to the Hoover Dam.  I was just beginning to file the pics away until a friend called randomly.  I asked them what they thought of the Hoover Dam and they said they had been an Arizona native and only been there as a kid.  I got thinking that even as an Arizonan we take the natural and created wonders we have right here n our backyard.

I never intended my little stop to be a blog so I have nothing earth shattering or thought provoking to share with you!  The Hoover Dam is an amazing example of something that we have right in our backyard in Arizona.  It is very easy to forget about it now as the beautiful suspension bridge that now allows us to cut thirty or more minutes off our drive to Las Vegas!  This still is worth your time and homage to check out.  The structure is amazing and has so much history.  It is still one of the biggest and best dams ever built.

If you do take the trek down to the dam please be prepared to deal with tourist.  While you take it for granted many people in the world do not.  That should tell you that it is a sight to see.  Without a lot more to say other than that here are some pics I took in May of this year (2017).


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