Props to a Friend!

Well there I was in Alaska, meeting my co-stars in the History Channel’s “Missing in Alaska”.  I conversed Ken via Skype and text message but this was our first meeting.  Little did I know that these guys, from the show, would become family to me.  I will be honest when I first met Ken our eventual friendship was far from anything I might have considered.

Being an investigator, I operate in an investigative world with the quest of facts and hard truths to “prove” and “solve” cases.  The thought of CryptoZoology was something WAY out of my realm.  In my ignorance I considered this a quack niche and therefore initially started unfair judgements to my now good friend Ken Gerhard…yes the famed CryptoZoologist!

I will never forget one morning mistreating Ken when he was chosen to interview a zoo specialist on Wolves.  My ignorance came to play when I unknowingly judged Ken on his knowledge of Wolves.  I had to eat a lot of crow and ask for forgiveness from him as I learned his great knowledge of animals.  In fact, to this day I consider Ken a huge resource in any case involving any animals.  I had unfairly presumed that CryptoZoology was a study of legend and lore. That presumption was wrong because it truly begins in the study of existing animals.  I was humbly blown away by the man’s intimate knowledge of the animal kingdom.

Ken Gerhard uses his deep knowledge to investigate things that aren’t so common…those things that go bump in the night, those legends that have gone unsolved, and those mysteries in need of proving or disproving.  One of the best traits of Ken Gerhard as a investigator into Mysterious Beasts is that unlike some in his field he’s just as interested in disproving things as proving them.  What I’ve seen in this world, I knew nothing about prior to my show, is that many are way too zealous to believe without any true facts.  Ken Gerhard is not that man.  I can respect that.

While we didn’t and don’t always agree on everything we made a great team.  I still love conversing and bantering ideas back and forth even though our show has been long over.

With that I’m very proud of Ken and his new book, “A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts”.  I especially loved chapter two where he delves into the realm of what I call gnomes.  He has a lot of big word names for them but bottom line is for me in Alaska one of the most astonishing investigations we did was on the mysterious gnomes in Palmer, Alaska.  As we were immersed in that investigation I learned of sightings all over the world.  While I question the “supernatural” part of these creatures (people?) I truly believe they exist.  It isn’t hard to find discoveries and documented proof of these civilizations throughout the world.

I’d like to add that recently in the Pryor Mountains of Wyoming/Southern Montana I learned of the deep belief that the gnomes truly exist to this day in these mountains.  The facts and beliefs go far back into the native american cultures there.  I have a friend there that frequents the area who has searched for gnomes for many years throughout the treacherous Pryor’s full of very harsh terrains, ice caves, and mysterious weather.

Please give this book some support for my good friend Ken Gerhard!  You can find it on Amazon:  Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts


-How cool is it to have your own baseball card!

-I enjoyed a good read on the porch of a cabin in Northern Arizona!


  1. Many people create defensive postures to unknown (possible) truths out of FEAR. Those embracing honesty and a willingness to pursue “new knowledge” and new understanding from different perspectives opens the mind to REALITIES hidden to devoted traditionalists. This is NOT to judge who’s right or wrong; it is simply meant to identify these different approaches to LIFE!

    Seeing the world through different “eyes” (perspectives) helps expand our appreciation for all that exists.

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      1. I completely agree. We are not clones. Our individuality creates individual perceptions. The trick is to remain OPEN MINDED to new TRUTHS; to LEARN and develop by applying this new knowledge to any given moment in time. As newer information becomes available, we should LOOK, LISTEN and LEARN to see if it’s credible and merits implementation. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. These various new experiences help us learn to grow and develop as individuals.


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