The Road Less Traveled

I recently had been told about a possible ghost town in an area not very frequented near Dillon, Montana.  A little town that is set into the hills and will soon be forgotten by all those except the few that still call the area home.  The premises for any of my adventures is usually just getting off the main drag and getting to something most don’t take the time or have any cares for.

Argenta, Montana is clearly one of those places.  Located in the south-west area of Montana what is left of this town can be found fairly easily if you just take the time.  As the picture above shows be prepared for some long unpaved roads but for me that just entices me more.

Argentin is a French word for Silver.  Originally Argenta was named Montana City but changed the name to reflect the silver being mined in the area.  Argenta once boasted 1500 people.   The little town sits about 20 miles from Dillon but is slowly fading away.  The quiet residents that remain there keep to themselves and the good “Montana Life”.

I’m always amazed at old buildings and wonder about the stories the walls could tell.

Not every adventure turns out in some amazing discovery, some incredible revelation or some great experience.  Sometimes paying homage to things that will be soon lost is satisfaction enough for me.  ARGENTA, MONTANA will soon be lost to the winds of time.  It was my pleasure to roam the grounds of another incredible part to the great state of Montana.


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