There’s a place in Ohio.  A very unexpected place.  While Ohio offers very many different terrains finding them can be harder than say in Alaska.  That being said when you look for it amazing things on this earth can be found.  In Ohio, I found it.

The Ledges Park area can be found fairly near metropolitan areas but seems to be very unknown.  I could hardly find anything on this unique experience on the internet.  The park and hike for this adventure is moderate at best but the unique experience you will behold is worth the adventure.

I’m not a geologist or any kind of earth expert but basically the Ledges are sheered off rocks/cliffs that create these unique spaces to explore between.  Most of the rocks are covered in green moss or lichen.  This marvel is truly amazing.

This area also boasts what is known as the “Ice Cave”. I’m not sure why its exactly called this other then maybe deep inside the cave it gets very cold.  It would be nice if idiots didn’t wreck these type of areas for the rest of us.  This cave has bats that are apparently endangered and “idiots” have been disturbing them to the point that the public that doesn’t have ninja warrior skills are blocked out.  I took a few pics inside the cave that did not turn out…or did I?


The entire park is a very cool experience and it was a lot of fun to explore.   I definitely was mesmerized by some stairs in certain spots that felt right at home in the park.  I also don’t know the origin or the dating of some rock carvings in one of the deepest walls but they are unique and almost appear Victorian in nature but I could be completely be wrong about that!

Other than experiencing this yourself there isn’t a lot more to say about it.  I leave you with some more pictures from the journey…because life is always a journey, make the most of it!



  1. It’s great that you post info and pictures about these lesser known parks. Those living within reasonable proximity are more likely to visit and discover the beauty that exists because of your efforts. Keep up the good work.


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