Ryegate, Montana

While on an investigation in a little speck of the map called Ryegate, Montana I happened down a long dusty road.  Usually these roads lead to nowhere right?  Not this “wrong” turn.

I had been working all day with little to know activity on my case and to be honest I wasn’t in my normal “Explorer” mode.  The Montana sky was thick with laden smoke from consuming fires all over the state.  My beloved grounds were an ashen mess, heavily neglected by the rest of the nation while they fought tropical storms.  The west was up on smoke but our illustrious media could hardly give it a mention.  Sure the northwest doesn’t have the population of Florida and Texas but the losses were so immeasurable but it could hardly get a peep on the national news.

I digress.  I really don’t have a lot of words to put behind my little adventure but it sure turned my frown upside down.  I wish I knew the stories behind my sights and maybe I will get to find out someday on “Journey’s with Jax” but on this day I just got to enjoy paying homage to amazing visuals!  Follow along below:

I grew up in a house that watched Little House on the Prairie so when I saw this little church peaking in between two massive old world trees I felt like I could be riding on a wagon on the way to church.


The one really cool about these little historical churches is that a good majority of them are still in use.  Keeping little rural communities on the straight and narrow!


Turning toward the south, I walked through some wheat grass.  I followed the sound of rushing water off in the distance.  Coming across this had me feeling in a time warp:


Coming back out on the dirt roadway, I walked back to my vehicle.  I had parked next to two very sun and wind bleached old houses.  My how I wished these walls could talk. The first one was quite large and you can see it in the main blog photo or with my ugly mug:


This house had a lot of signs of squatters and all the creepy stuff like a random doll, random little kid shoe, metal bed springs, random ash marks, clothing piles, rusty and degrading food containers. This would have truly made a remarkable haunted house.  The interior exploration felt “heavy” to me and I couldn’t really understand.  This house did not feel welcoming by any means.  It was difficult to get into and felt very “shut up” from the inside not the outside.   Almost, like it was keeping something in as opposed to out.  I will let your mind wander with that one but I will tell you this…NONE of my interior pictures turned out from this structure.

Moving on…across street.

Not a lot to say about this lovely house other than it was much more inviting.  It even opened its door for me when I stepped on the remnants of a porch!  This house had a very “old west town store” feel to it.  Maybe at one time it had been such a place.  The bottom easily could have been a store and the top the dwelling.  I will say these stairs did not want me to go upstairs though!



For whatever reason I can’t find the rest of my interior pics of this place.  It was pretty cool.  A little hazardous with rusty nails and shards of glass all over but it definitely was an experience.

I had to wonder if these two vastly different buildings spoke to each other.  Regardless, the two unexpected adventures stayed forefront in my mind for a few days.

Not really sure what this was but it belonged on the property of the big, haunted looking house.


Sure, eventually I got back on my little road and did some work.  I had to stop and enjoy this though:


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  1. I know well your sentiments regarding the media. A better name for them would be: TV Censorship Viewing
    They report on (frequently) what advertisers want them to report on. Since they’re time restricted, they unfortunately don’t have time to include,OBJECTIVE UNBIASED information. I’ll stop now because this is tender spot of mine as well.


  2. I cannot tell you what your photographs did for me. I have obsessed about going to Ryegate for years. My husbands great aunt was Ellen Dempsey. Boy do I have old stories about Ryegate and some old post cards and a photo. The Dempsey family seems reclusive on google. I was simply jazzed to see your story. Thank you so much!

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