After a very blessed summer and beginning of fall, I am finally getting to catch up on some of my adventures that didn’t get made directly into blogs.  In a previous blog I mention getting the opportunity to go to Ohio. While at first I wasn’t very enthused that my path was crossing with this state.  I very quickly changed my attitude as Ohio is a beautiful state, with lots of adventures and discoveries to be had.

Ledges and The Ohio State Reformatory (movie: Shawshank Redemption) where to incredible experiences that I will never forget.  The greenery and old world buildings were a pure joy.  By no means does my trip to Cleveland deserve anything but considerations for one of the nicest cities I’ve experienced.  I have trip planned to return to this destination very soon to do some more exploring.

While in Cleveland my sidekicks and I discovered incredible water ways!  We took a tour on the “Goodtime III” which I highly suggest to anyone if you want to get a cool perspective from the water looking in.  It unexpectedly took us partially down river also. I get asked if I take part in these “touristy” things in my travels and the answer is emphatically “YES”.  Most places you go have great resources to show off what makes their area awesome but how do you know about them?  Word of mouth, self discovery are always best but sometimes you can make adventures happen by just jumping on a local excursion.  While your on these you can learn things, see things, and find your next step in your journey.

In our case, we learned that Cleveland has great food and a very happening downtown area.  A lot of history and some amazing people.  I will be returning soon Cleveland!

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