Covered Wagons

The covered wagon: Is there really anything else that can put into perspective how fortunate we are today in the area of transportation?  Our modern transportation includes things that seem right out of science fiction from the air to our four wheels on the roadway.

My mother always had a fascination for wagons.  Everything from the rusty broken down ones in someones pasture to ones that have been kept up for show.  Maybe that is where I got my eye for them as I share a lot of my mother’s dreams of a time forgone from our modern world.

There is an interesting little working state park located in Deer Lodge, Montana.  Grant-Kobhrs Ranch is a very interesting place to check out.  This unique 1600 acres will give you  little taste of cattle life both then and now.  What caught my eye was the magnificently restored covered wagons


Just like old buildings, these dinosaurs of our past are slowly disappearing.  If your anything like me you just wish these objects of former transportation could talk!  I just wonder about the families and goods they carried.  The conversations people had while they bounced on rough, bumpy roads.  The cover and concealment they provided their operators with from attackers and animals.

While they don’t get the glamor, just do to the nature of things, old wagons will always have a place in my heart.  The search for adventure and knowledge can lead you to many different places.  As I searched and enjoyed this working ranch in Deer Lodge I found several unique paths into the mountains.

When I finally came to rest, and looked down upon the amazing landscape below.  What a sight to behold.  Those little wagons, in little known state park, off the beaten path led me to a true place of peace and tranquility.  Soaking up my Creator’s master piece and dreaming of times long ago…


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