Eastern Montana

Recently had a case take me to a far off part of Montana I have never been.  To be honest, never really wanted to be.  Western Montana is a place my soul longs for when I’ve been gone too long, while Eastern Montana seems much more blasé to me.  That being said I’m sure most of you know me well enough by now that you know I’m going to find something crazy or cool to get into.


So there it was…the Fairview Bridge.  One of two twin lift bridges left and abandoned but but still standing in their steal glory from yesteryear.  I didn’t make it to its twin but this old bridge was a sight!

Crossing the bridge took about four minutes at a fast paced walk.  I got some decent cardio because when I hit the other side I saw the Cartwright Tunnel.  Exploring it was a must so I turned around to change my foot wear, grab my lantern and a flashlight!


So probably best just to insert my video blog (Venture Blog):

On the way back I took the time to really enjoy the view from the old bridge out over the Yellowstone River.


The old tunnel might not be open forever.  As most things over time will decay and be too dangerous to pass through.  The back side was showing some issues.


Well, other than a spooky walk in the dark tunnel, observing the great river from a steal beast, the excursion wasn’t very remarkable!  I kid, I kid.  It’s always fun to find new things, push my adventures, and share it with the world!

So great news! The Journey with Jax youtube is up click: HERE.

The JourneywithJax.com web site will be up Monday the 13th, 2017.

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