The Waves (South)

Well, recently I had the absolute pleasure in marking part of a bucket list off.  Arizona is prime to some absolutely amazing land.  The varying degree of what you can find from border to border within this state is outstanding.  What is known by many adventures as “The Waves” is a master piece to behold.  We put in for our permit with the hopes of landing the lottery for the north section but on this occasion we were selected for only entering the southern portion.  This area is on native land and deserves much respect.


The trip starts in Navajo land but make no mistake this is an area worth your time.  Marble Canyon is an absolute beauty…with the Navajo Bridge crossing it.  On our way this time we were seriously blessed with a very rare sighting.  The very rare California Condor was spotted under the vehicle portion of the Navajo Bridge.  It was amazing to see.  Such a very rare, enormous bird.  This one we found sat punched waiting patiently for something.  I only saw him open his wings half way and seeing it in person was so incredible.


Make no mistake getting to the area to hike is a serious journey with very little signage.  You better know where your going, be prepared from four wheeling and lots of sand.  The maps that are available are not great and tiny little numeric markers are all you have to go on.  I will say that after seeing The Waves I truly understand why.  This is a very fragile piece of art that easily could be destroyed with heavy traffic.  Now that I’ve seen this I am all for leaving this gem well hidden.  The best way from here is just to share my photo journey:

I have a video blog for this journey that will be coming out soon.  I can not tell you how impressed I was with this journey into The Waves.  I want to get back to the North Side very soon so I can have both sides explored and experienced.

Folks, I have amazing news!  Things are moving forward with Journey with Jax!  Our great new web site is up and running!  We still have some kinks to work out but a journey is one foot in front of the other!  Go to

Journey with Jax youtube can be found HERE. Check it out for extra show content, interviews, and my video blogs!

Investigative Needs:  Atwell Investigations

Thank you for coming on my journeys with ME!


  1. These pictures are simply amazing. I can see why you want to get back to the north side and see MORE. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of participating in some of these places in the future. My countdown is approximately 18 months. Your adventures confirm our decision to move from the east coast.

    Keep the adventures coming. Also, good luck on the videos and new website!


  2. love all these pictures jax, this place im definitely going to visit bro, its simply amazing and thank you for sharing.


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