The Waves (south) – Video Blog

Just in case you missed the blog I wrote on the waves here is the video blog for it: – The Waves (south)

I can’t wait to get to the waves North!!!




Thank you for following along…just wanted to post the video blog.  It can also be found on youtube:  Journey with Jax – YouTube

Please check out the web site!  Lots to come!

Journey with Jax is set to start filming its pilot in January!

Atwell Investigations for all you investigative needs…need a background check on someone?

Twitter:  @jaxmenezatwell

IG:  Jax_menez_atwell

Give us a like on FB:  Facebook – Journey with Jax


I had just visited “Arches” National Park in Utah…well here is the world’s (joking) smallest arch!  It’s a mini version of what I saw in Utah!!!

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