The Bridge to No-Where

I have some crow to eat.  For a long time I have referred to the area of Yuma, Arizona as “the armpit of Arizona”.  Over the years when I’ve had to be here for cases I have found one cool discovery after another.  There is so many unique things to discover in this desert area.

The McPhaul Suspension Bridge is one of those strange things just waiting for your eyes to find it.  This is a fairly easy place to find and only takes a little bit of walking to get to the bridge.  If your like me there is a few peaks close by that are good for climbing and getting a better view.

This structure literally seems to be a bridge going to nowhere.  It stands 800 feet off the ground and is a true suspension bridge.  I didn’t verify this fact but I did read that the designers of the golden gate bridge designed this bridge also.  It does have a familiarity to this former Northern California boy.


The bridge is gated not just once, but twice, to keep people off it.  Personally I think Yuma is missing the boat and not taking advantage of a great walking/biking bridge. I believe mostly people in high positions don’t want you to know about their absolute waste of OUR tax payer money.  This bridge was built in 1929 but eventually its use was deemed unfit for no apparent reason other than they wanted to build a dam and another bridge where the water was being diverted too.  In 1993 that other bridge, the one of wasted taxpayer money, the one that had been touted as safer and flood proof was…you guessed it…FLOOD DESTROYED.

So here sits this great big bridge!  Its randomness, is somehow just evidence of all the cool things you can find hiding in the Arizona desert.

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  1. With no accountability, tax payer money will be wasted on many meaningless projects. These projects generate campaign contributions that keep businesses and politicians well off. The average tax payer doesn’t care unless they PERSONALLY experience the impact.


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