Trampling and Exploring Rainbow Lake

Well, this blog will be short and sweet but just wanted to share a little adventure I had back in February (2018).  Sometimes driving things just capture my mind and I must stop to experience them.  It is so amazing what you can experience when you get out of the vehicle and use ALL of your senses.  God has created an amazing world around us.   We weren’t meant to experience His creation with only our eyes on Facebook or YouTube videos!

The first thing I noticed is the awesome rock etching around this frozen lake.  I found some cool trails with the snow thawed.  They were muddy and at times I did a good Bambi impression but it was all worth it!  #Montana rocks!


The best part about getting out of your vehicle is finding something hidden.  Is there anything better than finding a unexpected water fall? Well I can’t think of anything better at the moment!  I climbed up and around this little run-off fall but heres a little video for those of you who are too cold to get out of the car!

There isn’t a lot really to say about this little adventure.  It was an hour or two out of my life but a little piece of myself that makes me, ME!  I love to explore.  I love to see, hear, feel, the things that most people don’t even think about!

I will leave you with a couple other good shots I snapped along my little #journey and #investigating in my beloved Montana! photoIMG_2497

Journey with Jax

Atwell Investigations

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