Oscar Wilde

I had a fellow actor/entertainment biz friend tell me to check out the restaurant Oscar Wilde while in NYC in February.  I took him up on the suggestion and hit the establishment with my sons.

This is definitely a place that you have to check out in NYC.  I honestly thought that Oscar Wilde had been around for a hundred years.  The place must have taken painstaking hours to pull the look and feel off.  I love old Irish Pubs and small old time watering holes.  This place pulls off that look and feel in a high end, yet hole in the wall treasure feel.

I was shocked to learn the restaurant was fairly new!  The service and surroundings gave a feel of almost “old world” establishment.

Oscar Wilde is named after the Irish poet and play right.  Read more about him here:  Oscar Wilde

Oh, and the food was great!

Thanks for following my journey!

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