Sea Lion Cave, Oregon Coast

Just a quick blog here because I felt that this amazing area needed its own recognition.  While on the Oregon Coast line at the beginning of June I decided to stop at this area where the Sea Lions congregate.  Unfortunately the Sea Lions were all outside and not in the cave but they were sure fun to watch.   There grumpy, stinky, and comical all in a mass gathering of shapes and sizes.


My favorite part of this excursion was going into the elevator that takes you deep down into an observation point inside the cave.  I had no idea this is the second largest “known” sea cave in the world.  The Sea Lions come to this area to escape the constant thrashing of the waves and to get away from predators.  It is their own private sanctuary…and thankfully very protected.  I can’t imagine trying to kayak into this cave…even with the waves low this would have been quite a physical task to exit out of.  The natives held this cave in very high esteem.


There is so much to discover in this world! Stop the car, get out and look, see, feel…you just never know what might be an amazing adventure around the corner!


Thanks for following along!



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