Colossal Cave, Arizona

Ok just a quick blog here.  While camping in Sierra Vista, Arizona my boys and I decided to detour into Vail, Arizona and check out the “Colossal Cave”.   Apparently this is one of the largest “dry” caves known in the world…I believe they said 5th but don’t quote me on that.

This cave was used by natives in the area for shelter in the 1400-1500s and then lost until a rancher climbed in a windshield size cave and the colossal site was re-discovered.  Arizona is chock full of windshield size cave openings so I’d love to ask the rancher what intrigued him enough to wiggle into this opening.

This is an awesome experience but not for those of you who don’t like tight places.  Please check this link for more information:  Colossal Cave .

I honestly did not take enough pics on the tour because I wanted to just enjoy it and marvel at this underworld.  Just think how many underworld caves like this exist that have never been discovered!


Always fun exploring with my sons!

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