Buffalo River, Buffalo NY

At the end of May my boys and I took a tour in Buffalo, New York…what’s known as the Buffalo River.  This area held so much historical significance especially to monetary expansion during some of our countries greatest booms.

What I didn’t know was my boys were having difficulty with their social studies course and this was some of the material they were going over.  There is nothing in life that can replace “doing” and “seeing” for yourself.  I have to believe this was a big help.

The interesting part of this tour was all the old abandoned and some old and still used buildings along the great river.  This river was integral in the grain industry… Total side bar I believe the grain industry has been a farce to create mass products that we honestly don’t need we are suffering the health consequences of living off these foods with worse and worse affects with each generation. I won’t get too far into a conversation about this because regardless if I agree with something, the history of the place and the massive buildings was an incredible experience.   This area employed so many which was good for the economy and the area.

So with that here’s some pics I took a long our way…there was many many other buildings and some fascinating stories that guide told.  If your ever in the area I highly suggest taking the river tour.  Here is the link:

Buffalo River History Tours

One of the most exciting parts of the tour was getting a real up and close look at the S.S. Columbia…an amazing ghost ship…

Review its restoration project here:  SS Columbia


There was some very cool stories about this ship.

…and don’t forget the amazing light houses!!!


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