Logan, Utah

In May of this year I was in Logan, Utah for a case.  I got the opportunity to do some exploring.  I discovered the Green Canyon (AllTrails.com) and enjoyed the incredible beauty of this place.

The first night I camped near this huge mouthed cave:

The next day I decided to go off trail and climbed a peak starting with a game trail.  It did appear some hikers had used the trail in the past.  It was incredibly steep plus the elevation really kicked my butt.  I was in shorts and a tank due to it being fairly decent day (around mid 70s) but was smart enough to bring my rain coat, water, and some replenishing supplements/food.

The higher I climbed the more weather moved in.  It seemed like the canyon was creating a weather dam and the dark clouds seemed to slip around the edges and peaks, never crossing the canyon.

As I got to the first major saddle (lower flat area between peaks and elevation) I began feeling like Mel Gibson’s “William Wallace” running the highlands in Scotland in Braveheart.

When I get up the next peak is when the wind kicked up…I mean like if I weighed any less it would have blown me over the edge strong winds!  I tried taking a couple videos as I hit one of the mountains peak markers but all you can hear is the wind and watching my mouth move!


The real trouble started when I hit a certain point where lightning started striking at elevations all around the canyon that were even with me from across the way.  As I pondered that fact I looked around and saw many charred shrubs and tress from prior lightning strikes.

So needless to say with much haste I took off down the mountain…as the lightning began striking all around behind me.  I didn’t look back…not for one second.  The last thing this world needs a is a barbecued Jax (lol)! I did have an occasional fall.  One I will remember because during my fall my water container got jettisoned out of my hand.  Thank you after going straight up in the air it came down to earth rolling forward of my path and not down the cliff!  Trust me I needed that water when I got down!

Needless to say I’ve been to Logan, Utah three times in past 8 months and I love overtime I’ve gotten the opportunity to be there.  It is an amazingly friendly city with a lot of natural beauty.


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