Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona

This will be a very quick blog.  I’ve lived in Arizona for about 15 years and I’m still seeing some of the “normal” tourist sights.  The reason for this blog is I want Arizonans like me that haven’t seen this wonder to get there soon as it will soon be an “attraction” and you will have to pay to enter and see it when that happens.

It is pretty fascinating to see this marvel and wonder why the canyon shaped the way it did.  It is an amazing place to crawl around and explore for better vantage points.  The worst part of it is crawling around to get better vantage points is required do to the many people that will be in your photos if you don’t.  I was shocked at how many tourists were there.  Be prepared for many tour busses for of other nationalities with language barriers.  Many of these people are not in good enough shape for the hike to the lookout areas.  Be aware, bring water, and stay away from the edges!


The water was really low in May (2018) but we have had some amazing monsoons so that might be much better now…but I imagine the crowds even worse!

Thank you for following along!




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