When Memories Just Happen

When Memories Just Happen…

This summer I took the family on a trip to the Oregon and Northern CA coast.  It was one of those trips, that as a parent, I had planned out for some great memory making.  To the disdain of my plans the trip had many flaws.  For starters the great fires of Northern California were raging, family in northern California were affected, and even fires in Grants Pass, Oregon affected travel, visibility, and even the simple act of finding lodging!

While initially the plans being laid to waste greatly bothered me I found solace in the fact that truly out of rough situations comes the best memories.  I don’t know what my kids will remember about this trip but I imagine our stop on the beaches of Bandon, Oregon will be a fond memory.

Due to the tide being out, poor visibility from coastal fog, and people sheltering to avoid fires and weather we had these massive beaches all to ourselves.  As the photo above shows the kids just running like loose animals escaping their backyard! While the kids ran and splashed in the cold water my partner in crime and I explored some sea caves.

I think I was grasping at straws at a failed planned trip and realize that none of my adventures are really planned and that I got to show my family exactly how I operate on the fly!

I hope you enjoy some of the pics below! I hope my kids will remember these moments forever!

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