Morrell Falls, Montana

Morrell Falls, Montana 

Ok, so sometimes as an adventurer I am a due as I say and not as I due type person.  I tend to, sometimes, jump out of my vehicle and explore something without adequate preparedness.  What I’m trying to say is sometimes I toe the line!

While enjoying a good friends cabin in Seely Lake, Montana my boys and I decided we wanted to look for some water falls.  I looked up “falls” and stumbled upon Morrell Falls.  We made our way down a very dusty and dirty road far from the main roadways, eventually coming to a trailhead.

The map and info I had found on this trail was minimum and taking “Siri” for her word the destination did not look far from the trail head.  My boys and I set out on foot, with a bottle of water each with no regard for what was ahead.  While this trail wasn’t overly hard by any means it was MUCH hotter then expected.  To make the heat worse some of the area had been damaged by fire which left areas to traverse with charred black remains of the forest to amplify the heat.

There were many parts of the hike that were very beautiful, including ponds, small lakes, incredible flowers and wildlife.  We arrived at the falls exhausted, knowing that we had to get back all the way we came with zero supplies.  That being said we stumbled onto an amazing water fall with ice cold water.  We climbed around the rocks and braved the freezing water to cool off our bodies.  The water was as fresh as it comes, with natures filtration system at work straight from mountain spring water!  Filling our bottles and our souls with LIVE water was a serious relief!

I hope you enjoy the sounds of water falls! To me there are not many more peaceful sounds!

Let me just say this:  ICE WATER!!!

The hike back was even hotter but our full bottles of crystal clear, fresh water got us through!  It was a very hot hike in parts and a good reminder to always be prepared when hiking.  All of our survival gear would have been just out of reach for us!

…and lastly I stumbled across this pic…I got to have an “Ice Rock Treatment” while at the falls! I had no idea they too a picture of it!


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  1. Beautiful place. This world is full of paradise places, the best ones I hear, are the ones you have to work for to get to, makes it even more sweeter when you arrive, makes you appreciate it more I think. Love the post bro.


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