Somewhere Scary…

Somewhere Scary…

I know some people like to take their families to fun happy places but me…well we…like to take our kids to places that will haunt their dreams at night!

Here is a little roadside place we stopped off in between Roseburg and Bandon, Oregon!

Enjoy! …and let your mind wander as to what lurks in this place!

Did I mention there was something in there?

…a splash…walk away…two splashes…a noise from inside…

…not one pigeon…not one mouse…


…then a door opens by itself…

Thanks for following! More to come on Journey with Jax!




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  1. This place looks fun lol. Iv been to a few haunted places near me. There is a ton of history and historical places around where I live, some come with some pretty dark stories lol. Enjoyed bro.


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