Hoover Dam

Well I was going through old photos from earlier in the summer and forgot about my trip to the Hoover Dam.  I was just beginning to file the pics away until a friend called randomly.  I asked them what they thought of the Hoover Dam and they said they had been an Arizona native and… Continue Reading

Passing along Wisdom

1. Marriage/Relationship Advice: Figure it out. I ain't Dr. Phil. I've been married 30 years and it's been good, but a hell of a lotta work. Read some books. Don't get your relationship advice from memes. That's all I got. I've spent far to many hours in the past 20 years trying to "help" people on this one.

Devil’s Hole

I was watching my sons nodding off in the truck.  We had just killed some touristy sites to take off the bucket list.  Alden had just said, “Dad, I forgot how much energy you have”.  So what’s a dad to do?  Stop and make them hike! A friend had mentioned the area of Devil’s Hole as… Continue Reading

The Old Church Spoke

I love old buildings.  I want to know their history.  I want to know the stories that people had inside them.  Occasionally, I am drawn to a building for no apparent reason.  A higher percentage of these seem to be churches. The older the building, the stronger the force is for me and the desire… Continue Reading