The Bridge to Nowhere (Video Blog)

Sometimes my video blogs get a little behind the actual blog I post on Here is the video blog that goes with it!  Please jump on over to and check out my latest project!     Journey with Jax – You Tube

The Little Red Hen

This is a re-posted blog I wrote, originally published on the  The Baby Spot – The Little Red Hen The Little Red Hen, If you were born at least three decades ago you might remember the nursery rhyme “The Little Red Hen”.  It is one of those stories that once you hear or read it again… Continue Reading

Barcelona Light House

This will be a fairly quick blog but I wanted to show you what an emergency bathroom break can land you!  I was driving recently from upstate New York to Ohio and had a “got to go” moment…I landed in Westfield, NY, in what used to be known as Portland before the harbors name was… Continue Reading