The Importance of Quiet Time

Noise.  It is all around us.  I’m not talking about physical, ear popping noise.  I’m talking about the silent deadly killer that surrounds a person in day to day life.  Noise is different for every person but noise usually is a combination of many categories:  work, boss, bills, children, spouse, co-workers, drama, gossip, legal issues, civil issues, political issues…the list is endless.

Have you ever stopped and wondered by people who have the good fortune of living in rural locations seem so much happier?  It is simple, their lifestyle has definite drawbacks but at the same time has its weight in gold by subtracting the noise.  I’m not saying people in rural areas don’t have noise, I’m just saying they have a whole lot more ability to quiet the noise.

Take a few seconds and listen to this peaceful sound:

I’m sure if you gave that a few seconds you’d feel true peace.  Nature has that way for us  and we were meant to commune in it.  You are supposed to reset yourself.  Think about it in the terms of growing muscle.  You can’t go to the gym 24/7 can you?  No, you hit the gym hard, REST, fuel back up and then go again.  Why does the most important part of what makes us unique as humans, our mind, not get treated with the same simple growth pattern:  Work it hard, let it rest and fuel it to be even better.

Recently, I was in Red Lodge, Montana.  I was disappointed the scenic drive from there to Yellowstone was closed, to vehicles, already for winter.  That didn’t stop my feet from walking into the vast wilderness.  Thirty minutes later I found myself in complete silence with the trees and mountains as my only campions.


Take the time to reset your mind! It is so very important!  Rest, refuel, and then conquer the world!

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  1. You bring up such an important point that most people never consider. Our minds are over burdened, under fed and under rested on a daily basis. It’s amazing we function at the level we do under these circumstances.

    People would be wise to heed your advice. This approach provides better chances to produce better ATTITUDES resulting in better OUTCOMES in life.

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  2. Absolutely stunning. Your right, there is far too much noise in life, it takes over, I don’t think a lot of people know how to escape. We are all part of nature, and we connect with her, given the chance! On so many levels. To anyone I say, get out, out of the city, out of your normal space, leave it behind and open your mind to the world. It’s one of the greatest anti stress treatments you will ever get, no prescription required.


  3. Have you ever seen that story on a village in Central America? The folks there on average live well past 100 years and the secret is they are so damned happy and there is no noise to deal with…just living. Winter is the sound muffler.


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