Impromptu Adventures Are the Best!

In the beginning of June I decided I was going to hop on a plane for my birthday.  I chose to fly into Medford, Oregon and drive to the coast line.  Traveling through the beautiful wooded area of Grants Pass and popping out on the coastline.  From there I traveled to Crescent City and further south to the Trees of Mystery.  The Redwoods played a big part of my love for the out doors.  My mother and I followed many of the philanthropist, John Muir, nature saving projects while I was growing up.

The Trees of Mystery area is a place I’ve traveled to as a child and a young adult but it has been well over a decade since being back to this area.  The very cool thing that I discovered is they have a lift that takes you along the tree line up to the top of an observation point.  This was a very cool experience as the impact of actually how tall and huge these dinosaur trees just are is almost overwhelming.  From the observation point you can see the ocean…it is an AMAZING experience!

The Trees of Mystery is an easy hike and you might just discover signs of my favorite “Crypto Zoology” Legend – Gnomes (i.e. little people)…


Or even…Biggg Fooootttt….well you be the judge…


After exploring this region of the Northern California Coastline…north we went to Oregon…

The Oregon Coastline is nothing short of stunning.

The best part of this trip was being able to have my love and companion with me to experience it.  Our professional lives and children don’t always let us have the freedom to travel with just us.  It was an amazing trip with a life long memories.

The Northern California and Oregon Coastlines are amazing.  We went as far north as Florence, Oregon which has some amazing beaches.  This trip was so amazing that I’m taking the whole Atwell clan in less than a week.  So be looking forward to a “Part 2” in the picture paradise of the western coastline!

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